Developing MS paint like application using OpenGL

Hi Everyone!
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I’ve to develop a MS paint like application using OpenGL, it’s actually a mini Computer Graphics project for my 6th sem. B.E(Computer Science) which shows all basic graphics functionalities of OpenGL.

A brief introduction to the expected features of the application:
1.It draws all basic geometric figures,like-line,curve,triangle,rectangle,cube,sphere,Sierpinski gasket,etc.
2.It performs OpenGL transformations-translation,scaling,rotation,reflection(about a point and about a line)and shear- on the geometric figures.
3.It has pencil and brush features, an eraser and basic cropping of *.png images.
4.Accepts input from keyboard ant supports a few number of text fonts.
5.It can open *.png images and do few very simple modification,formate of the save file should be *.png.

Now my problem:
As far as my syllabus is concerned I can write OpenGL codes for all the above mentioned figures, but when it comes to the window management, things get a bit problematic for me. This is because I want to develop a beautiful interface and it requires a little knowledge of Windows APIs, which is something I’m totally blank about.Or may OpenGL can be used,I’m blank again.

The window system I’ve thought of is as follows:
this window appears as the the application starts and after displaying the animated art it gets converted as WINDOW 02

This is basically the main window


the “exit” option under “file” or right click will bring back to main window,i.e., WINDOW 02.
I hope my project is clear from these figures (for any further clarification feel free to reply).I’d appreciate any kind of help regarding this type of window creation…source code,reference,or just anything.

For animating the icons I’ve thought of using two similar images and alternate them as cursor points at the button.The window system is inspired from Nokia Ovi suite.

I’m working on Visual Studio 2010(beta 2) and language is VC++.My project’s deadline is May 1st,2010.HELP PLEASE!

Yea i would suggest that you use openGL for this application and not the windows API, they don’t work well together, also you can make it look better if you want it to.
It’s also not that much harder once you get the window rendering up and running.

well, it’s nice to know that I can use OpenGL itself,but I’ve no idea how to create customised window with ribbon,buttons,icons and all.
Please provide me with a code reference/example.

Have you tried using Qt for managing GUI and use OpenGL for drawing graphics.