developing a new function/class for opengl standard

Dear experts,
I have two questions:
[1] I have formulated a new kind of curve for design intent. Now, I would like to create a function/class as part of OPENGL API so that others would be able to use. How do i go about? is there any template/tutorial available?

[2] Is there any function/class in OPENGL API which can be used to draw curvature plot(2D) & zebra map/isophotes(3D). These methods can be used to interrogate the smoothness/quality of a curve/surface. example of pictures are avalilable at:



Thanking you in advance…

First, OpenGL is implemented as a part of the drivers. Second, OpenGL API is standardized. (1) and (2) => there is little no no chance for you to add something into the API itself. But, you could write your own library that would allow drawing your curves using OpenGL

There is a rule of thumb that an OpenGL extension needs to be an OpenGL extension (say, for performance reasons) rather than a library layered on OpenGL.

  • Nigel

There is suggestion for OpenGL sub-forum… best bet is to post the idea intelligently there… and have a thick skin too :slight_smile: since some posters are pretty grouchy at times…

I’m sorry, but I don’t get the point of this claim in the context of OP’s question.
Did you allude to an ability to write extensions by the users? I don’t think it is wise and would make drivers even more complicated (and probably slower) if they supported plug-in architecture.