Developer input sought on new Khronos survey

The Khronos Group is evaluating possible new helper libraries for the Vulkan API and would appreciate your input through the survey link below.

By participating in this survey you will help us to understand the level of demand and priorities for any future helper libraries we may develop.

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Your survey is broken. I tried entering other type of developer, none of the others are remotely appropriate, and it refused to submit until I took one.

Bad survey techniques are the road to product failure. Bad data is worse than no data.

IMO, for Vulkan to succeed you need at least one higher level layer on top of what you have. There aren’t enough developers with the background, time, motivation and perseverance to really apply your work.

That would be a shame, because it rocks!

I’m getting frame rates over 250 compared to 70.

But the development cost of getting there is immense.

I’ve gotten the starts of a simple pipeline builder working, but now I’m blocked because I need a layout package like html/css/svg. I’ve been fighting for hours just getting FreeType hooked in.

Never underestimate the pain and complexity of 2D. It’s not glamorous, but it’s probably 99% of the actual use cases.

Also, never forget that some of us write code and some of us assemble code. I’m an author. I can bang out a spatial search tree from scratch in a day or two, with tests. But it takes me over two days to get each one of the different cmake builds just to compile and 3/4 of the time I abandon a package because it won’t build per instructions.

My brain is full of other stuff, no time or room to master make, cmake, gnumake, ant, VS, gradle and the plethora of other build systems. None of which, ever work directly per instructions, especially on Windows - where I’m stuck.

Hello bt_dsis,

I’m sorry you had difficulty entering information. I just tried entering information into the “other” field on the type of developer information and it worked fine. I’m using Google Chrome. Can you tell me what browser you’re using? I can then relay that to the author of the survey.

Thank you,


I’m boycotting Alphabet products and services to the maximum extent possible.
I strongly suggest you add an open ended “What do you feel we need?” question in addition to the assumed answers.

Great, thank you for letting us know.

Please feel free to add any additional information on this thread and I’ll make sure the Vulkan Developer Relations Manager sees it.

Also Firefox here. A radio button is missing in all the “I will” columns.

I feel the questions are bit loaded. On one hand I am like “sure, I would take all of the above”. So I am making a prediction that this would be the result of the survey; who would even say “no” to more free stuff. On the other hand I would want Khronos to focus on their core competency and make things on engineering rationale (not on popular vote), and not engage in some development adventurism.

PS: actually the survey is too wide, and the “I will definitely use this” column gets snipped.

Hi JeffP,

One of your survey questions was about “should there be some sort of tutorial/getting started app.” I can’t remember the exact question.

I’ve been working on VulkanQuickStart for over a year (on and off). It’s usable now, I’m using it on two other projects. It’s a decent ‘framework’ similar to MFC/WPF/QT etc. targeted at Vulkan. It provides a user modifiable pipeline, and a lot more, written c++.

Many of us really hated to see the OGL 2 default pipeline go away. Obviously it was grossly insufficient for high end work, but it sure gave you the ability to get something up and running in a hurry. For dedicated graphics developers, they usually have a bunch of frameworks lying around from other projects so they can just repurpose one of those.

Not so for me and a lot of others. might be helpful. Whether users use it as is, or grossly modify it for their own purposes - it saves writing a lot of code before you can draw something useful.


Hi Bob,

Thank you very much for this. I sent it off to our Vulkan people for review.

Best regards,

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