develop Opengl AGP and PCI

I have install two display card AGP and PCI.
I want to know how to develop Opengl AGP and PCI display crad at the same time.



What is the purpose you using two display card? I have try to use one AGP card and 4 PCI card at the same time, but that is not for OpenGL system. I think that should cause a probelm when you apply this method in OpenGL. The performance of the AGP card and the PCI card are too much different. It woundn’t look nicely when you render your scene in two monitors at the same time.

yes , i think so. but do you know get the opengl device on this two display card at the same time.

two display card,

AGP nvidia FX5900
PCI nvidia FX5200

I don’t think you’ll be able to use one context that actually spans both screens.

You’ll have to create two windows (one on each monitor) and create two gl rendering contexts.

And it still may not work.