develop on nix

I am thinking about doing some development under linux. I would love some information on what distribution would best support development, OpenGL and my computer system.

I have the GeForce and p3 processor on an VIA 133a chipset Motherboard + SBLive.

I hear GL runs the best on XFree but i dont know much about the nix OS’s.

Are Nvidia still plagued by slow drivers this is what stopped me doing anything before. I didnt own voodoo and i hear that is the better card under any distribution. Some info from ppl in the know would be great. Driver speed and quality is an issue with me.

Thanks in advance.

From what i have seen myself(I havent had uch time to play with my linux box lately) and what i have heard the nvidia drivers for xfree 4.0 kick ass. The preformance is comparable to that of their windows counter part.