Hi, i have the Dev-C++ compiler, I can successfully compile and OGL program now, but I cant figure out how to link my glut libraries! Please help, also tell me where to put all the glut files that i have, the ones in Nate’s ZIP.

I think you must use a sligtly edited glut.h see:

The headers should be in the same directory as gl.h and the libraries in the same dir as the other libraries. GLUT32.DLL can you place in windows\system

to continue from the previous post: once the headers and the dll are in the proper directories, add the glut32.lib into your linker ie. alt+f7 -> link -> object/library modules =>(type) glut32.lib. it is treated the same as the other gl libs…

My answer is don’t use GLUT.
It’s ****.