dev c++ and glut installation problem

im stuck!

im using dev c++ and tried to install glut following various instructions from the net: from the autoinstalling tool in the dev programming enviroment to manually downloading glut.h, .lib and .dll and putting them, where they belong - nothing works: i get always the same message "undefined reference to " (for example glutCreateWindow). so i went further: i erased first the glut32.dll and later even glut.h and got still the same error messages, just deleting the librarys changed it. seems the compiler doesnt even get to these files.

the instructions on the net are sadly not working (at least the ones i understood and tried. im not an expert yet) , anyway there isnt one solution posted a second time anywhere else, they are all different! though it seems to be a common problem.

im using a laptop with win7 32bit and dev c++ (or so). i had borland c++ installed once (and found someone saying, it could cause problems, so i uninstalled it). but i have installed dev c++ with glut on a pc and worked on my project without problems, i just cant use this pc right now. what i havent tried is to move the project to borland c++, but i dont really wanna do that.

is there something else i can try? except keeping on insulting my laptop… -___-