Detonator3-drivers ?!?

Hi all!
Yesterday I installed the new Detonator3 6.18 driver for my TNT on Win98 (Diamond Viper 550 on ASUS P2B and a PIII 500). It fixes a problem with an OpenGL-plugin for WinAmp (with the older drivers I can run my plugin exactly one time, the second time I call the plugin (after stoping it of course) I get no rendering, although I get a rendering context and all). BUT I ran 3DMark 2000, too (Yes, I know it’s DirectX). The old drivers (3.68, 5.22, 5.33) gave me about 2000 3DMarks, the new one (6.18) only about 1500 !!! arggggg (the helicopter-scene is desperatly slow; my OpenGL stuff seems to run slower, too)
Does anybody know, what could have happend? nVidia says the new driver should SPEED UP things for all chips (Tom’s Hardware has even measured a speed up (on 1GHz PIII)).
Any ideas? :expressionless:

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I installed the Detonator3-Driver and 3D-Mark 2000 gave me 3658 Points. With the Detonator2-Drivers i got 3596 Points. It’s not very much more; but what i recognized is, that the animation seems to stop for some milliseconds.
My Hardware: ELSA Erazor 3 (Geforce256); Intel PII 450; 256MB RAM; ASUS P3-BF

I installed them on my Windows Me machine and I noticed two problems. First I get these spontaneous res switches where my screen drops to about 160x120! It makes it difficult to adjust the res back since you can only see about half of the settings panel
Secondly, I have noticed that I get “holes” in certain places in Q3.

Later, Guy

It’s me again.
I recognized another Problem: I’m coding some OpenGL-Demonstrations for my Graduation. While the Mouse-Pointer is over an OpenGL-Window some Graphic-errors can be seen arround the Pointer.
It’s no problem of my coding, try out some demos found on OpenGL-Challenge-Page and you’ll see it, too.

I reinstalled detonator 2 to fix this Problem.

I installed the new driver for NT and I got no performance gain or drop but my WinAMP plugin also doesn’t work like I supposed.


About those “holes” in Quake 3.

Yes, this is a problem introduced with the Detonator 3 drivers. I have noticed it myself, not only in Quake 3, but some simple GL apps I wrote. It’s either a z-buffer or some misc. clipping problem I think.

Let’s hope for an update soon …

Marc, as for the drasic slowdown with the new drivers im not sure why this happened…but, u said that there is a speed increase for all the chips, thats not true. Only the geforce/gts line gets a speed increase…and only in higher resolutions, there is actually a speed deccrease in lower resolutions for all cards. Go to or for the benchmark results. As for the other problems u guys mentioned…i have no idea bout those but knowing nvidia there will be new beta drivers out by next week!

I get framerate drop with 6.18 too… I reinstalled my old 5.22. (Got a geforce1)

(I’m not happy with nonstop installing new drivers )

My framerate dropped drastically with the new drivers. Running some tests on some basic apps i’m coding, the drop was something like 650fps to 57fps. (Got a Geforce 2)