Detonator Drivers and 3D-Glasses

Hello, I have a few quite stupid questions:

I have a ELSA Erazor X2 (GeForce) and use (because of the performance) the Detonator drivers. My newest achievement are the 3D-Glasses ELSA Revelator. Is it possible to get the glasses running with the Detonator drivers?
Is it possible to program stereo-effects for the 3D-glasses using OpenGL instruction; if so, how?

Does someone know, how to activate the TV output with the Detonator drivers?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Does really nobody know the Revelator?
… and to program it?

Such a bad luck.

I think it’s the wrong forum

I use the relevator. I think it’s not much known outside germany (where I’m from)…
It’s not possible to get the relevator run with the original detonator. also tv-out is not possible. i suggest you to use the elsa-relevator driver, cause it is build with the original detonator driver from nvidia (elsa and nvidia work together (i think i read this in the c’t - magazine)!)
i use the relevator driver, and it works really fast. and it works perfect with opengl (the first drivers worked only with DirectX )



Echt nur in Deutschland? Die anderen verpassen ein nettes Spielzeug.
(Truly only in Germany? The others miss a nice toy.)

Yes, the revelator drivers will do their work, but my problem is that i need fast drivers for programming OpenGL-Applications for my ‘Diplomarbeit’. The Elsa-drivers are based on older nvidia-drivers. the newer detonator-drivers are faster.
and changing drivers (only to test something with the revelator) always forces a reboot of the system. and that’s quite

The other aspect (the programming aspect) is opengl-related, i think.
There must be a possibility to synchronize the opengl-output with the shutter-glasses of the revelator.
I think it could be fun to program something that looks like real 3d.

i will search other forums for info. perhaps i will find something.