Determining Aspect Ratio Constraints?

Hey… I hear all the time (and see in the code) that 3Dfx cards have aspect ratio constraints of 8:1…

However: How do I determine (runtime) the maximum aspect ratio supported by any given OpenGL implementation (provided it’s version 1.1 or higher)?

Like, there is a call to determine the maximum texture size supported by implementation (glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, &maxTexSize)), but what is the call to determine maximum aspect ratio? And if there is none, there must then be a requirement (specified in OpenGL) that any OpenGL implementation must support aspect ratio of at least 8:1 or at least 4:1 or at least square textures, or any aspect, provided that the dimensions are powers of 2? Can someone enlighten me of what this requirement is?

I mean, I can surely do things like

glVendor = glGetString(GL_VENDOR);
if (strnicmp(glVendor, “3dfx”, 4) == 0)
maxAspect = 8;

But that is really, what I call discrimination. I would want to avoid that.

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