Detection of upgraded video card vs. onboard video

I have an HP Pavilion 8668c with onboard Intel 810 video. I installed OpenGL and it seemed to run fine. Later I got a Geforce2 card. I uninstalled the drivers for the i810 per HPs instructions and disabled the i810 video device by checking “Disable in all hardware profiles”. Then I installed a Gainward Geforce 2 MX 200 card (32MB) and installed the drivers for it.

I then installed Civ3 and the Directx 8 drivers for it from the Civ3 CD. Civ3 kept crashing before I saw any Civ3 screen, so I decided to install the OpenGL drivers. I ran the monolithic GLSetup and it said it would install OpenGL for the i810 video card. How come it is not detecting the GF2 card?

In the bios there is no option to disable onboard video. Where does GLSetup get the info about the video card to install drivers for?

This is not a suggestion for the next release of OpenGL. GLSetup is not part of openGL, nor (most likely) will it ever be.