Detaching textures from frame buffers


Is it possible to use glFramebufferTexture to detach a texture? I get an INVALID_VALUE error with the following:

glFramebufferTexture(FRAMEBUFFER, attachPoint, 0, 0);

But if I attach and detach with glFramebufferTexture2D it works:

glFramebufferTexture2D(FRAMEBUFFER, attachPoint, TEXTURE_2D, 0, 0);

I’m under the impression that both should work; the spec states:

The remaining comments in this section apply to all forms of FramebufferTexture*.

If texture is zero, any image or array of images attached to the attachment point named by attachment is detached…


FYI, I believe this is a driver bug in NVIDIA drivers 197.45 on Windows XP (32-bit) with a GeForce 8400 GS.

The call to glFramebufferTexture works on an ATI Radeon 5870 HD with Catalyst 10.4 on Windows Vista 64. It also worked correctly on an NVIDIA GeForce 200 series card on Windows 7 64.

I suppose I should have posted in the drivers section.