i have a Diamond Monster Fusion video card and have opengl installed. When right-click on the desktop and click properties, go to stiings and click advanced an error pops up and say that it can’t open it because of the file “desk.cpl” can you help me?

That’s the file that describes your control panel. Perhaps re-installing the driver for your video card might help?

How do i do this?

Well, since that card is about 4 years old, it’s going to be tough finding any kind of recent driver for it. The last one from the manufacturer is here:…=Monster_Fusion

They should have a Readme file that explains how to install the driver, or you can try contacting their tech support.

Good luck.

When i install the newest drivers for my Diamond Monster Fusion card I am no longer able to play OpenGL games. Why do the drivers make it unable to play openGL games?

Can anyone help…plz?