Depth problem.

I am working on a 3d enviroment scene, and I am having depth problems. IE, I move the view back, and the scene seems to “disapear” into thin air. Like I move backn, and out of the scene, and the scene disapears, there is no trace of it. I need help. I’m using Nehe’s window system, everything else I drew. But I don’t know whats wrong, plz help.

try moving the far plane further away


Did you check your FOG settings ?
try disable it.

Nothing with fog. I know that at least. About the far plane though, what do you mean by that? could you plase name the function I could find/use to fix this? I am very greatful for anyhelp.

gluPerspective (fov, aspect ratio, near clip plane, far clip plane);

fov = field of view (what ever looks good) usually 60 to 90;

aspect ratio = screen width/screen height

near/far clip planes = inclusive depths to view (near must be greater than 0.0)