"Depth fighting" with close polys

I’m trying to build a spaceship from triangles. The problem arrises when I want to make the ship with a very thin wing and yet I want the wing to be lit and visible from all sides. So as far as I know, for there to be another normal that the light can use to light the wing properly from below as well as above, I must simply draw the bottom side of the wing with yet another triangle. When I try to draw them within 0.5 or less of each other along the Z axis, I get ‘depth fighting’ where depending on the angle of view you see weird triangular ‘notches’ cut out of the model where edges are close to each other. To solve this I’ve spaced the two triangles apart by .5 on the Z axis. But when you view the ship from the side, you can easily see that it has two wings with a huge gap between them. But if I try to put them closer together to close this gap, the artifacts reapear. How can this be overcome? Thanks!

Maybe you could enable CULL_FACE so that only one of the triangles gets drawn, no matter what?

  • Matt

Thanks! That worked!