Depth Buffering - HELP !!

I have a viewport with glOrtho set up and there are some objects that I am drawing that I want behind others. The problem is that I had to turn depth buffering off so that I could get the text working in the viewport.

Is there a way that I can have one object drawn ontop of another without using depth buffering?


Is there a way that I can text on the viewport without turing the depth buffering off?



Yes to both questions. But instead of compromising, use the best from both techniques.

That is: Render the objects with depth buffer on, and text with depth buffer off.


You can draw your objects that requires depth using the depth buffer turned on, and then (when everything else is drawn) draw the text with the depth buffer turned off:

glEnable( GL_DEPTH_TEST );
glDisable( GL_DEPTH_TEST );

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Thanks Guys

Seams to have sorted it out.

I have a problem with some text that goes cyan after a while, it starts off white and then after a while turns cyan for no reason.




try setting the color state right before you draw the text. it sounds like a state set during other rendering is still set when you render the text…

I was under the impression Furrage meant the windows message timer created with SetTimer.

The QueryPerformanceCounter sounds a lot better, but what’s with this: (from MSDN) ‘The QueryPerformanceCounter function retrieves the current value of the high-resolution performance counter, if one exists.’, if one exists? How often can this happen?


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