Deprecated OpenGL 2.0 functions

I am moving to a programmable pipeline and I would know what are all the functions (or things) deprecated in OpenGL 2.0; I saw many sites mentioning what is deprecated in OpenGL 2.0, but no one says all the deprecated functions.

I use GLSL 1.20, and before discovering that some functions were deprecated I was using things like glLoadIdentity and glLightfv. Some questions:

  1. In the shaders I always get gl_LightSource[0] which contain information about GL_LIGHT0. If glLightfv is deprecated, then how should I passed the values that are held in this structure?
  2. There is also gl_ModelViewMatrix, but since glLoadIdentity, glMatrixMode and such things are deprecated, how do I pass info about the modelview matrix to the shader?

What else functions are deprecated?

Basically you have to define uniform variables that contain the informations you need.
Google has numerous tutorials about that. Basically declare a uniform variable in the shader, in the application query it’s Location when the program is bound and set it using glUniform.

The list of deprecated functions is fairly exhaustive. Best when migrating is to use a header-file that only contains functionality still present and find substitutes for the rest.

search by the word “deprecated”. you can use it as a reference, to make sure. but i advice to begin with tutorials which use only modern functionality, like this one.

Nothing is deprecated in GL 2.0. Deprecation started with GL 3.0.

If you mean you want to use GL 2.0 and avoid deprecated functions, then go to the main page and on the right side, there is something that is called the GL 4.3 reference card that has all the functions.