Deploying OpenGL Proggie HELP HELP!!

I am new to OpenGL Programming, and I have make a program that I want to distribute, but when I give it to a friend, it tells him he’s Missing the Glut32.dll, so I sent him that file, and OpenGL32.dll file also, and now he said he’s getting an error the Glut32.dll is linked to missing Export_glutCreateWindowWithExit, His Video Card DOES Support OpenGL, I know for SURE for SURE, what is necessary to make this program work for him, Please email me at if you can help me, or my ICQ is 99735469…thankyou for your time!!

You should NOT send him the opengl32.dll file. He could be running a different OS. Just give him the glut.dll, and put it where the program is, and all should work.

He must delete the opengl32.dll file that you sent him.

He’s Working on ME, and The OpenGL32.Dll should not make a difference if its the same I used to compile, What did you mean about the Glut.dll, do you mean the Glut32.dll, I dont have a glut.dll on my computer, so there must be another way to do this, any Ideas?


Yes, glut32.dll is what I meant. It does make a difference (about opengl32.dll) if you have a minigl instead of a full ICD.

What video cards do you both have?

Ok, As I had originaly states, I sent him this Dll, and he got the other error, He is using a Nvidia TNT2 Ultra, and WinME, I have seen his computer run other demos, just not mine, any other suggestions?

And the video card YOU have is?

What version of glut are you using?

I have a GForce GTS 64MB, Glut Version 3.6, I think…

Strange. What I would do is reinstall the TNT2 drivers, and then install glut32.dll into windows/system. glut 3.7 is out also.

It might be a driver problem with the TNT2, so have him try different versions.