I’m taking a class on OpenGL next semester and the professor gave me a link with the source files. I put them into the proper folders for my C++ compiler (Visual C++ express 2008) and tried to run one of the examples that came with it. The first and simplest was meant to just create a window, however, Microsoft Vista’s Data Execution Prevention shuts it down and won’t let it run. And, unfortunately, it won’t let me switch DEP off for it.

I’m aware of the issues with Vista and OpenGL, but is there anything I can do to fix this? In case it’s relavent, my video card is an ATI Radeon X1200.

Edit: I made sure I have the most recent drivers. But I ultimately had to shut DEP off completely to get it to work. Is there another way around this?

This is really funny. What does the programm do to violate DEP? Could you post the source code? Can you run other OpenGL applications?

I assume that the example program was given to you in compiled form. Does it use the Active Template Library (ATL, not part of the Express Editions)? Older versions of that library had issues with DEP because they generated code for window procedures.