demomaker effect


did someone take a look to the prod “32 degrees in the shade” by yodel ( ). Does somebody have a idea to get a rendering like this?


it’s probably alot of cpu calcs, not much 3d calculations in the draw effect. all the brush draws are just a texture on a quad… but i can hit paul until he tells me :slight_smile:

I dont know how it’s done, but one easy way to do it is to have something of a puzzle. When you render your scene, you read it back and use your puzzle to break the image into section.
Each section can be assigned a color based on some math you do.

For doing there brush stroked animation, they could have used many puzzles.

Sometimes, it seems to be making some mistakes, so maybe they have some algorithm for generating the puzzles.

Interesting effect and very fast.

There’s lots of info on non photorealistic rendering here .

It occured to me just after posting that that you could have a basic shape, and have it rendered on screen using different transformations. You would have to have an algorithm that generates random coordinates and render the shape enough times to guarantee that the screen will be totally covered.