Demo of a game

You really make me hate this forum !!!

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This post very vague and doesn’t appear to be OpenGL related.

I don’t understand why you would post this when you have other threads on exactly the same subject with more info here:

Some pictures speak a thousand words but not this one. There’s no way to help you with a question like this.

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Despite what you may think I’m not trying to pick on you.

Nobody can tell you what’s wrong with your paddle moving code based on a screenshot (that you’ve now erased).

If you have trouble with it and you really want to make progress then look for “breakout” examples online.

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I have read your original post and I have also seen that dorbie first locked the thread and then the two iterations of his reply.

Glcrazy eventhough your screenshot looked nice, nobody can tell why your keyboard function isnt working the way you want it to, just from a screenshot.

Be more rational.

Merry X-mas!

Yep, I did close it initially simply saying it was OT, then reconsidered thinking it may have been perceived as a bit harsh.