DEM Files

Hi all. Wotsit of off line at the mo.
Does anyone know af some source to loat a DEM file? Or a good tutorial or link etc etc. I’d like to use the demo file I have of Crater Lake in my next project but it just looks like a bunch of numbers to me so far.


Pete got quite alot of nice information regarding landscape visualisation. If you look there, you can find sourcecode that contains code to load DEM files.


Thanks for the reply.

I had a look over there. They do offer source code but only on a cd which is distributed quarterly.

Do you know of anywhere else that may have DEM file loading source available. Has anyone out there got some that they are willing to share?



You have to look under LOD (in the Redering section on the main page), then Published Papers. Have a look at TopoVista. There you can download some source that loads DEM files (well, it’s an entire terrain renderer, but they DO load DEM files).

Anyways, here’s a direct link to TopoVista:

Hey. Thats great. Thanks a lot!!!