Delphi: interactive OGL

I am having some problems with an interactive openGL slider that I have created in Delphi. If I put 2 of them on the same form than 1 of them will not respond properly (if at all) to the mouse. I tried seperating them by puting them on individual panels but that didn’t help any.
These controls are plain TPanels which have beed setup to receive openGL directives.

Can anyone give me a hand please.

If you put them on two different panels, are you properly activating each panel’s rendering context before you draw it?

If you are, can I have a look at your code?

  • Tom

I have emailed the code to you. it was easier than pasting it in here

Originally posted by hermes:
I have emailed the code to you. it was easier than pasting it in here

I haven’t received anything. I tried to e-mail you about this, but it told me your e-mail address was “unacceptable to the SMTP server”?!

  • Tom

I couldn’t get through either. you can ftp the files from user/pass delphi3d/delphi3d the files are too big to post here

I had problems connecting to my server this morning to put the files up so I’m trying e-mail from another account.

As Tom said, befor you can send GL commands to any rendering context you must make it current using the function, wglMakeCurrent. Otherwise you must deal with the two rendering contexts through two different threads. OpenGL supports one rendering context at a time for every thread.