Dell M60- what video driver?

Have go my dual boot runing but see that there seems to be a controversy over what driver to use 4363 or 4496???

Hmm…I have no clue what you’re talking about, but I always recommend using the newest drivers (except if they are beta).


The old driver I am using is 4363 but there is a 4496 out. However, I have heard there are problem with this driver for the M60. Does anyone know about this???

Sounds like a good question for the “end user” forum. Although I doubt you’ll get many answers, that’s not the most common machine.

The Dell M60 is the Precision laptop, right? All Dell laptops require Dell-supplied drivers; the plain NVIDIA downloads won’t work with them (at least not without surgery). If a driver is available on Dell’s support site, then you can probably use that.

That being said, if your current drivers work well, then there’s no reason to upgrade, is there?

Just use the regular Detonator. The Quadro card is a standard on, without any of the regular fuzz.

I’m running a beta right now.


Excuse me, but what is Detonator? PS This needs to be for Linux. I have talked to NVIDIA a bit and they say the new linux driver will not work and they are working on a fix.

Detonator = nvidia’s name for their drivers.