Delayed Rendering

Merge 2-3 frames constantly on-the-fly ie render frame 1 then render the next on top of the first then the next on top of both then remove the first and place the forth on top and so on. Creates a fantastic Anti-Aliasing method that is completely free… In theory. There would be no blurring of text like in the current method as the text doesn’t change position on the screen. This would be great on any game where there is constant movement ie Driving ans FPS games.

What is to stop you doing this in current OpenGL?

Just render your frame buffer to a texture (or render as normal and read the frame buffer to a texture)

I believe Call of Duty and Doom 3 already do something like this when your character gets badly damaged…

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ATI has some option in the control panel called temporal aliasing. I think it’s this sort of thing.

Easily doable with OpenGl render to texture.

The way you describe it, this is not AntiAliasing, it is motion blurring.
To have temporal antialising you have to slightly change the view position.

The problem with your method is that if the view is changing, you actually see the different frames, as if you where drunk.
Check my website with my small experiments on the motion blur subject. I render 10 times the scene, then draw the averaged result.

Ati does not store the previous frame, only the position is changed at sub-pixel precision each frame. So when you stand still, edges are nice. When you run and turn fast, it is not antialiased, but you can’t focus on a single pixel, so it’s ok.