Deformer problems


I am using Softimage|XSI and I have got some troubles when exporting deformers to Collada. If I export an object with a deformer like the cage deformer (similar to a lattice) the the two objects get exporter and if I read the dae I can find the deformers section, but it seems that the deformer does no longer influece the geometry deformations.
On the other hand when doing a Cluster with Center [like a group of components which SRT are driven by a null (Polys, edges…)] I get the same troubles. When importing, the cluster is no longer there and the null does not affect anything.

Does anyone know how to solve this or maybe a better way to create deformers?


All deformers are collapsed on export. The deformer objects are still present but you are correct, they no longer influence the deforms on the object. The only deform we currently support right now are the envelopes. Shapes will be available in a future release of XSI. When shapes will be available, we will be able to plot deformations as shape animation.