Definition of OpenGL commands

HI everybody!

i want to know which file(s) contain the definitions of openGl commands?
like: glColor3f(…,…,…); in which file this function is present…???

i m new in learning OpenGL…
plz help me…


gl.h contains the declaration for GL 1.1 functions and glext.h contains everything else up to 4.1

Just to be more precise…
You can find declarations of the functions in gl.h, gl3.h or glext.h, but not the implementation (or the “definition” in a programmer’s jargon). Implementations are vendor specific and are not for the public. If you are interested in the software implementation, try with Mesa3D.

So, the implementation is deployed in libs and dlls (e.g. opengl32.lib, for the very basic stuff), but you don’t have to know exact implementation to use it. :wink: