Deferred Shading Relief Mapping?

hi all!

Anyone know a GLSL example I can chew on? any recent development on this?


I don’t have an example ready, but here is how I would do it:

You have to do the relief mapping part (up to the part where you determine the final texcoord) in the geometry pass. Then you write the normal/diffuse color/… to the framebuffer.

Finally the deferred shading pass would be just like with “normal” deferred shading, ignoring the fact that you’re doing relief mapping.

ok, thx Overmind!

maybe something more simple like parallax mapping?


Wouldn’t that all work exactly the same: The way Overmind already mentioned!?

I ve found this:

it just phenomenal… anyone aware of similar development in glsl?

Doesn’t sound much different from what I had in mind :wink:

Ok, the samples are in Cg, but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to port them to GLSL…

I think that ATI RenderMonkey has a sample using defered rendering for their “parallax occlusion mapping” thing, which is quite comparable to relief mapping.


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