deference between projections and views in openGL?

Hi everyone

I want create a camera class but I don’t know what use to see the porjection and rendering,and manipulate in my application. I seen that some tutorials, using, glFrustum() others use gluLookAt(), and the glViewport(), and others use the gluProject()

what i need is view and navigate in the scene but also want that looks real for textures and alpha blends

that works right for the camera

i hope that can explain for what is each one

thanks in advance

gluLookAt(), gluPerspective()/glFrustum() and glViewport() are commands that modify completely different parts of the 3D pipeline. gluProject() combines them all (but is not used for what you want).

In order to avoid very long post, I would direct you to the following chapter from the Red book: Chapter 3 .