Deep shadow maps

A search on “deep shadow maps” gave me no result at all, so I’m surprised nobody ever discussed this method from Pixar.

Find the detail at

What do you think of such a method? Ever implemented it?



Simply thanks for the link, I have had a quick look and it looks very interesting cant wait to get round to shadowing.


Thanks for the link-
The deep-maps are an interesting idea, but generating the 1d functions that layer into the shadow map seem not applicable to today’s real-time hw methods. Currently we’d need to use software rendering to generate the 1d functions that are indexed by the 2d shadow map. I think if we could render to 2 targets simultanously(something DX10 is rumored to support) or if it were possible to render to a 3d texture (not rumored/supposed anywhere), then we could approach the amazing benefits of occulsion percentage/ transparency / volumetric shadowing.

Overall though, i think that the work done in Depth Peeling is more applicable to current real-time handling of transparency in shadows (multiple depth-buffers).

As always, Pixar leads the way into some really quality pre-rendered visuals (how about that hairball?!?!)