Deep Exploration/Open GL problem

I am trying to import 3d models. I am a relative beginner and i have tried looking for .3ds importers, which only seem to import the sample model but no other ones. As a result, i used deep exploration which exports it as C++ opengl code. With it, i have been able to import the model, but none of the materials (so the model is white). Also, if i were to split the vertex arrays imported through deep exploration, how could i load more than one as there would be over 15 objects? If i were to do so, i could probably just apply the materials to each object accordingly. Does anybody with deep exploration and opengl knowledge know how to solve this dilemma? Is there another way to import my .max/.3ds model? Can anyone show me a .obj/.3ds importer, hopefully tested in Dev C++ that i can work with? Any of these answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Try this:

I’ve never used it but I think it’s good to start with.

I tried that but i cant manage to load my own models in Dev c++ let alone compile it. Everytime i try, it says file already included in Model_… I have no idea what to do.

In addition to the link given there are several other 3DS loaders and a 3DS specification, which could be used to build your own. For importing static meshes it will be hard to do better. A complicated alternative is to write your own exporter/plugin, which is the preferred method for dealing with animations. For simple static mashes, any of the open source loaders should do nicely. I used the spec I found online and had a working loader built in an afternoon (pretty simple).