Debugging tool glslDevil

I’m still looking for a good debugging tool that allows to inspect shader variables during runtime. The only debugger I found so far is glslDevil ( )
The possibilities as described on the website sound really great. Unfortunately I always get error messages that the shader program can’t be debugged no matter which program I try.
It seems that glslDevil only supports single thread applications. I’m using VisualStudio and in each application there’s a thread for the application itself and of course a window to draw(e.g. GLUT, VTK, whatever) which starts a second thread. So how would you write an OpenGL program with only one thread?
Does anybody have experience with glslDevil? I already searched this forum and it seems that it works fine at some people’s machine and at some it doesn’t. So I would love to figure out why.
I have a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700 and using Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP.

I really love glslDevil and I don’t have encouter issues. I tryed it on a 8800 GT (G92) 8800 GTS (G80) and 8600 GT (G84). However, I’m not sure i tryed it for a multithreaded software.

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