Debugging Options

Hi all!

My application crashes at the end, where i give the resources (like textures, p-buffers, vertex objects etc.) free. The problem does not occur with ATI cards, only with NVIDIA (NVOGLNT.DLL -> Access Violation). I think it has something to do with the p-buffer, because if i disable the pbuffers my program is working fine.

I’m searching for tools for easier debugging. Has anyone some tips? Is there any option to get debug outputs from the driver, similar to the debug output in Direct X? I’m using Windows XP and MS Visual Studio 6.0.

Thank you in advance!
Greetings Mario

Hi !

I don’t think there driver support any debugging, but there are a number of libraries available that hook’s into the OpenGL calls and trace the calls and the parameters.

I don’t remember any names at the moment but the question has been asked before so you should be able to find more about in the archives.