dealing with multiple stencil buffers

I know I can use FBO for having more than one stencil buffer, but what I don’t reach to find is how to combine the default stencil buffer with FBO’s ones.

Let’s say I have a ‘master’ stencil tests and operations for all the rendering which is done in several passes (just like shadow volumes). And in between, at some stage of this rendering process I have other stencil operations to do (like the ones of one of my previous posts). I spent some times to try to think about this, but I always ended with the conclusion that it is not possible at all.

Any clue ?

So, noone for this one ? So I’ll assume there is no solution.

Just to inform those that might be interrested in. I was acting like a dumb… The solution is as simple as doing it in the first pass when no stencil test is needed.