Dealing with foreign Objects

Hi all OpenGL users,

I want to know whether it is possible to incorporate or work with foreign 2D/3D objects (like created with 3dsmax6) in my native program using OpenGL APIs. Further is it possible to interact with such an object and add user driven keyboard interactivity on the same object.

I urgently need a solution/suggestion from you experts as this is my current assignment and I do not know in which way to proceed.

Any humble suggestion is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

OpenGL is a graphics API and hence cant handle file formats, you have to do that on your own or use a thirdparty library for it.

Depending on the level of interaction you want, you could use GLUT of basic stuff but you need plattform depending libraries for the more advanced stuff.

Of course questions like this are better asked and answered at the “OpenGL coding: beginners” bord which you can reach by selecting it from the combobox on the bottom right of this page.