Dealing with Bad Posts

I hate to do this, but OT posts, double posts, and state of forum posts have so flooded this board that something needs to be done. Here are some [i]simple suggestions for dealing with them[/i]. Please do not generate more than 2 replies to this message as it does not help.

  1. If you see a bad post point it out. Suggest a more appropriate forum (even if its flipcode or ) for the post. This sets the standard for what should or should not be posted and where posts should go. Optionally, you can be helpful and answer the question (though some argue it encourages more bad posts).

  2. If someone has already pointed out a bad post don’t add to it. This only serves to bump the message to the top of the board and increase noise.

  3. For double posts point it out for one and direct people to the other post. This ensures that the copy(ies) drops off the board quickly.

In general for any post don’t keep adding to it if the problem has already been solved. I know it may be tempting, but in the end it only becomes noise, which a lot of you are complaining about already (E.g. this thread ( 2 pages long) , this other thread (38 posts) , yet another thread (91 posts long) , all posted recently)

PS. Board master, please add a general programming section. It would help a lot.

So would this be considered an off topic post? Hmmm… what board can I direct you to.

Anyway, since you mentioned my recent post in your list I figured that in my defense I should say that it wasn’t ENTIRELY a state of the board post. It was also a “Hey everybody, I’ve been gone awhile and missed you all. What’s up?” type of post.

Sorry if you were annoyed by it.

I smell the infinite loop we are going into…
Maybe we should break the forum into different political parties instead of levels.

Is this a joke?

A forum for conservatives and a forum for radicals.

I just wonder how many of “Do this…” type of posts will keep popping up? OOps, sorry for bumping this past the ‘2 reply’ limit.

I saw a novel way of handling this, on another forum, what they did is have a link at the bottom of the post that basically says “Notify Moderator about post”.

Of course, then we need moderators.
I nominate knackered! (You can thank me later knackered! )

Devil’s a pretty nice image library, don’t you think? I’m finding it a god send, now my artists have exported huge amounts of models with jpg textures…(tga, I SAID TGA! ARE YOU DEAF?)

(cheers Elixer, you’ll be first against the wall, come the revolution! );

Right that’s it. I’m formally volunteering to moderate this forum.

List maintainers may contact me at my user email address.

I dunno if the moderators could implement this, but I think before your post gets posted, the board should search the current posts and show you any with similar titles. If it doesn’t find any similar subjects, you can still choose to post or not. This would really help get rid of double posts.


That would make this forum very, very, very slow… (serverload)

delete [] OTP;

Can’t any of you coders make some kind of autosorter to be used on this forum?

(I already know the answer though. )

There has been a lot of posts about this issue. I think that this forum is very good and you shouldn’t be so strict about how you should post, where, etc.!

If you don’t think that post should be there just answer it and tell that person politely to post somewhere else next time.

If you are too strict about this, people might go away and the forum will loose interest.