DDS loading library

Hi, i’m searchind a image library which supports DDS loading.

I only find FreeImage, but it has some problems:

  • DDS can be compressed, and OpenGL support direct loading from a compressed source. But FreeImage only works with bitmaps. It loads from file and uncompress it, and then if you want a compressed texture you must compress again.
  • DDS support mipmap, but i don’t know how access mipmaps using FreeImage.

If someone knows how to avoid this problems with FreeImage(i only read a little his manual), or knows a better DDS loading library, I’ll very grateful.


Last time I checked, DDS file format was freely available from MSDN (hint)… why don’t you try loading up yourself? It takes very little time to get some basic support at a decent level.

yes i agree, write your own. It really is quite simple, i have written my own, it supports MipMaps,compressed and uncompressed textures and even supports dds volume textures(3D)

I’m trying to write my own dds loading code
I have a seg fault for the moment, but you can have a look, perhaps it can help you.