DDS 3D Texture Samples

Hi to all,
I am looking for DDS files containing 3D textures to test my DDS volume texture loader, but couldn’t find any sample file googling around so I thought that maybe some of my opengl-mates might have one… so, does anyone have any link to downloadable DDS volume textures or even home-made samples?


i just uploaded one, im not to sure about the file format (might be compressed xor have mipmaps) but that info will be in the header

Thank you zed, I just downloaded the texture, will test it soon :slight_smile: in case you have other samples, especially mipmapped ones it would be great to have the chance to try them out too :slight_smile:


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Some of my demos use volumetric textures. This one for instance:

But you can also create your own test textures easily with DxTex.exe from the DX SDK.