data type FILE in kernel

hi i am having a structure that contains data type FILE i have declared in kernel file but its showing FILE undeclared please can any one tell me the alternative
my structure looks like this

typedef struct target_view
struct viewpoint_set viewpoint;
FILE* color_fd;
FILE* prj_color_fd;
FILE* depth_fd;
FILE* boundary_fd;
ui8_t* color_frame[3];
ui8_t* depth_frame[1];

pixel_t** fg_boundary_list;
pixel_t** bg_boundary_list;
pixel_t** x_boundary_list;
camera_calibration_t* camera;
target_source_view_t* sources;
ui32_t number_of_std_source_views;
ui32_t number_of_extra_source_views;
char color_fn[FILE_NAME_SIZE];
char depth_fn[FILE_NAME_SIZE];
} target_view_t;

please can any one say me how to create a buffer for this and send it to the GPU


Kernels cannot do operations with files. In addition, you cannot have pointers inside structs. See section 6.8.p.

thank you david