DAE::load crashes only in release

So, I’ve been using the debug version of my collada document loader for well over a year now. Tonight I decided to build release and use that to get the speedup. Surprise!! DAE::load crashes when I try to load the collada document.

Ugh… I’ve updated to latest Collada DOM, rebuilt a billion times, but nothing seems to work. I’ve even turned off letting VS2005 embed the manifest (that’s worked on other exes)

My code is simple and works in Debug for over a year now. Unfortunately, I have no call stack, watch window or any other symbols availabe in release. Can anyone help??

My code looks like this…

//Load the COLLADA file
g_pInputDAE = new DAE;
FATAL_ERROR(“Could not new DAE object”);

error = g_pInputDAE->load(pInputFile.c_str());
if (error != DAE_OK)
cout << “Could not load input file: " << daeErrorString(error) <<”
cout << pInputFile.c_str() << endl;
return 0;

Told ya it was simple. The pInputFile.c_str() contains the same path as when run in debug. I’ve echoed it before the crash.


One thing you could try is turning on debug info in the release build of both the DOM and your app. Are you using the DOM DLL or the static lib?

Thanks or the quick reply. Okay, let me try turning that on now…didn’t realize I could do that.

I’m using a static lib. I’ll get back to you in a few minutes…

Thanks again!

Ok. I’m back. That was easy. It makes sense, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t complain in debug. When I compiled with DEBUG symbols and ran the exe I got a nice dialog complaining about missing iconv.dll.

I copied it into the directory with the exe and presto…I’m running.

Strange eh?

Thanks for the idea!!