cylinder with a hole

Someone there could send me a clue about rendering a cylinder with a hole on it? Thanks in advance.

Hint: Cylindrical Coordinates.

BTW, this is hardly advanced.


do you mean a tube?


Of course the hole will be really big, but it’s a start.

I wanna draw a tube with a hole in its middle surface. Something like that:


where the “.” represents the tiny/medium hole. To draw the tube open at each extreme I used an OGL quadratic cylinder. Now the point is, how to put a hole on its middle surface? Any clues!? Thnx in advance.

Do you care about the exact boundary of the hole on the cylinder is?

I think you must make your own drawing function.
You should calculate intersection coords…
mmmh… hard to do, but if you will succeed you kick ass…

Originally posted by SirKnight:
BTW, this is hardly advanced.

Unless you have a vagina, thomas?