Custom windows with opengl

I want to know how to make a custom gui. Options I can click that change variables. Sounds easy but I haven’t learned enough windows programming yet, I know more opengl. Could someone direct me to a resource?

I dont understand the question.
are you trying to build a windows app (text boxes, buttons and a redering viewport) or are you just interested in a menu system like those at the begining of nearly all games


A pretty cool alternative if it is only for internal use is the mui library that is distributed with the glut sources. You can use it together with glut and create subwindows. Should work on all platforms that glut is running on but is certainly pretty far from the standard and quality you get with windows native code.

If you want or have to do something better can this page perhaps help

Answer to zeeboy. Yep, the menus at the beginning of just about every game . Thanks for the resource mango, heheh, I’ve been looking for this kinda stuff. But if I were to make it like the UT beginning stuffs would I have to ditch the whole win api and write the windows and such from scratch? Once again I’m better at opengl than I am at windows