custom vector format ...

i assume that since this is open source it is doable, but i thought i’d ask. svg is a standard format, and you can’t stray much from it without getting errors. but what if you want to protect your vector artwork from prying eyes or being edited. so you develop some kind of custom format. you would just have to modify this api in someway to allow it read your new format, correct?

The OpenVG vector format is not a fileformat. It’s just for communication between an application and OpenVG. Programmers deal with it, not artists. You’ll never see this kind of data stored in a file.

OpenVG allows implementors to define their own path format. This could be (miss)used to make an encrypted version of the path format. The benefit from a security point of view are minimal though. If someone is able to listen to the communication between the application and OpenVG, he will have no problems to decode the encrypted stuff as well.

i didn’t really want to use an encrypted format as much as include multiple vector images in one file, kinda like how most game sprites work … usually a single file that has alot of images inside it in a certain order. i didn’t want to have 9 million svg’s as opposed to a couple main files with a bunch of svg’s inside arranged in a logical format. to be honest it probably would just be the stuff within the <g> tag … thanks for the clarification though