Custom projection matrix (UV problem??)

Hi all…

I’m using my own projection matrix along with glOrtho to raster my polys the problem I seem to be having is the textures distort/shear as though their being rendered without perpective distortion/correction. Back in glide days and even D3D you explicitly pass 1/W along with U/W and V/W to the rasterizer. My question is when you call [glTexCoord2f(u,v) glVertex3f(x,y,z)] pairs, does OGL utilize the Z value passed in by glVertex when using glOrtho as the projection matrix? Also my code works great if I use gluPerspective which tells me OGL might be distroying my Z values?!?!? You might ask why does this guy not want to use the OGL transform pipeline?? Simply because my engine supports other API’s but only at the lowest rasterization level (i.e. I have a complete T&L pipeline) just want to use OGL as another rasterizer.

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Nevermind I figured it out (*glMultiTexCoord4fARB)(GL_TEXTURE0_ARB, U/W, V/W, 0, OOW); geez