I am tring do some job on curve
in wikipedia
i found article

but these are big Mathematics of splines and B-splines

so please any one suggest me

some downloadable tutorial/Books/Resource

how to programme on beizer curve

<sorry for weak english if uncommfort>

Do not jump to wiki as it is complex initially.For some basic understanding about splines refer to red book that gives coding examples or computer graphics - Foley. Another book is by Farin but that is too advanced.

Go for Hearn and Baker - Computer Graphics.

or as always Google is there for you!!!

Hearn and Baker - Computer Graphics

any link/torrent(some tihng like free)

i can’t purchase online and these book not available in my country<i cant afford>

any way thanks

Go for Foley – that gives detailed explanation for splines.
You need to do random search too or I don’t know , there may be some tutorials in this forum.Check them out.

thanks now i always preffer search first ask then