Curve max/min point

Hi Friens,
How to find max/min point of a 3D curve ( NURBS, Spline etc) at a given 3D vector direction.
What books do I have to read to find the answer.

I think you could have phrased your question better,
but I am sure I know what you need. You need some sort
of maximum in one of the Cartesian directions, for
example the point with the largest z coordinate.

To find a point like such, you will need to do something
like take a derivative with respect to the coordinate
of interest and then solve for the derivative equal
to zero. You will need to do this for all partial
derivatives, of course. Be careful that you might
find local minima/maxima and not just the global

Any book on multi-variable calculus should help.

Iznogoud is right but how do you simulate the calculus ?

The answer lies in Vector algebra. Go in for matrices. That way, you don’t have to write obfuscated code. :slight_smile: