current status of ARB_texture_rectangle on ATI

i seem to remember this is now supported
can someone confirm this + wether its avaiable on all glsl cards ie 9500+
also does it come with any restrictions or does it perform exactly like it would on my nvidia card?

ta zed

(looked in the wiki under ati but no info)

Last time I checked ATI supported only GL_EXT_texture_rectangle and NVIDIA supported GL_NV_texture_rectangle and GL_ARB_texture_rectangle.

EXT and NV versions are identical - if one of them is supported then the other is of course supported, too (even if driver doesn’t report it).

ARB version is also the same, but it adds GLSL support for rectangular textures.

If you don’t use GLSL then it’s the same on NVIDIA and ATI. And since this extension does define only one token, then it makes no difference which one you will use since that token is identical in all three of them.

ARB_texture_rectangle is supported on all cards 9500 and up.