Curious about the OpenGl influence.

Hi everybody, I am noob, starting now with the OpenGL, and have a question about OpenGL:

  • Which any projects commercial released what use the OpenGL, or any toolkit(freeGlut, Glut, etc).
    I know just one(for now) library free, and this use the OpenGL, is the Box2D.I just know that, but I would like to know more about OpenGL.

Thanks for the attenction and have a nice day.

doom3, quake2/3/4, world of warcraft, 3dsmax, maya, cinema4D to name a few and basically any cross platform 3d hardware accelerated code.

Whole this games and applications using the OpenGL?
I know the 3dsMax have mode set for the openGL, or Directx, right?
But I don’t about the Quake, Doom3 and WoW.

But if that is true, is very nice.

Thanks for the attenction NK47, sorry for anything.

Jack Dracon: Whole this games and applications using the OpenGL?

not only use doom3 and quake use OpenGL they use ONLY OpenGL. many applications provide both OpenGL and Direct3D implmentations in case of driver problems so you can switch between them.

Actually Box2D library does not use OpenGL. OpenGL is used only for Box2D examples. Library itself does not depend on OpenGL. You can use it with Direct3D, software renderer or just in plain console.

3DSmax do have an OpenGL mode … but it sucks so much !!!

Why? Oô

I run 3dsmax in OpenGL mode because DX mode has more bugs (broken dotted lines, flickering, vertex shading issues, etc etc). Both modes have been equally broken since 2.5, only more recently bugs have been added to DX mode, so I switched. It is merely due to incompetence on the hands of Kinetix/Discreet/Autodesk, GL/DX nor hardware vendors have anything to do with it.