Cuda? proposition

I use Vue 7 to do some graphical artwork just as a hobby how ever it takes a very long time to render (weeks somtimes) even on an i7.
I would like to use nVidia’s CUDA to shift the rendering work from my CPU to my graphics card which should complete rendering in minutes rather then days or weeks however I have not been able to find any code for this.
I do not have a clue how to code and it will take me months to learn just to code before attempting to write my own CUDA script.

I have searched the web for it but I dont think any one has done it for Vue yet.
If someone here knows much about cuda or even if you wouldnt mind writing the code for me (I will not distribute it or claim it as mine and i make no money off what i render) as it is becomeing quite expensive to run an i7 at full load for weeks at a time (though i do save on heating :slight_smile: ) Is there anyone that could help me?