Cubemap and GL_BGRA

It seems like it doesn’t work with glCopyTexImage(). I get black texture, but with GL_RGBA the same code works just fine.
Tested on 6800GT, 78.01.

That is strange, because with simple 2D texture everything works fine with the same BGRA and glCopyTexImage().

Anybody has an idea, what is this: my hands )) or some driver-hardware problem? It is written in specs, that it has to work.

Very strange thing…

I’ve found, that everything works, but obly with prefilling texture with glTexImage2D() first…

Ooooposs the topic may be closed )))

I’ve found my mistake.

The reason is when I copy image from screen via glCopyTexImage2D(), itmanages format itself, and it choose BGRA implicitly.
Explicitly specifying BGRA format is useful only for glTexImage2D(), not for copying…